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Spring Treasures

Heading outside with camera in hand in spring is a bit like a treasure hunt.  Mother Nature left behind some interesting finds!


White Pine cone

Over the years, I’ve found blossoms on this white pine tree in last spring, but never found any cones.  This year, there are several.


White Pine Cone

Sunshine makes these birch trees glow!


In the sunshine

Several stalks of burdock clusters were left standing in spite of winter’s snow.


Part of spring is finding things left behind, but soon there will be new growth out in the yard.  I’m  ready.


Winter Sky

Sky-watching any time of the year can be exciting and ever-changing.  Wintertime is almost over here in New York State; even though it has been a rather uneventful winter,  the sky is always fascinating.


During a snowstorm, skies are  very gloomy, dreary.  Some might even say depressing, but it will soon change.

DSC_3233_214  11-16-15 sunny blue

On a sunny day in early winter; withered apples wait for birds or squirrels to feast on them.

DSC_4166_232 1-27-16 sunset-nw

Sometimes, you must remember to turn away from one view and look behind you.  On this evening, the sun glowed onto the trees to the east.

DSC_4173_232 1-27-16 sun set west

This same evening, this was the western view a few minutes later.


Always take time to look around you, to enjoy nature.