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Spring Treasures

Heading outside with camera in hand in spring is a bit like a treasure hunt.  Mother Nature left behind some interesting finds!


White Pine cone

Over the years, I’ve found blossoms on this white pine tree in last spring, but never found any cones.  This year, there are several.


White Pine Cone

Sunshine makes these birch trees glow!


In the sunshine

Several stalks of burdock clusters were left standing in spite of winter’s snow.


Part of spring is finding things left behind, but soon there will be new growth out in the yard.  I’m  ready.


Winter’s White

After a few months of personal problems plus a computer meltdown, I hope I’m back to share my photos with you!  I say hope because nothing seems to work out as we plan, does it?


In the meantime, winter has dropped in and already we have had several inches of snow come and go.  These two photos I’m sharing today were taken in mid-December.  As I write today, it is a little sunny, quite chilly, with temperature at 5º F when I got up this morning!


The new year is with us, and with it, I wish everyone a joyful, happy, and exciting 2017.