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Looking to the Sky

DSC_1181)94 10-22-17 daytime sky

“Buttermilk” Clouds

I find the ever-changing sky fascinating; have you noticed?  These are a few recent views I captured with my camera.

DSC_1257-94 10-27-17

Sunset pinks

DSC_0934_090 10-2-17


DSC_1259_094 10-27-17 moon-sunset

The Distant Moon

“Brushing the clouds away from my eyes, I see clarity in the raindrop and beauty in the first ray of morning sun…
Life is strange and wondrous…”
Virginia Alison



Some things in miniature can be disappointing, but my mini-roses are super!




These photos of my latest mini-rose bloom were taken one day apart.  It’s hard to tell it isn’t a full size rose.