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Spring Treasures

Heading outside with camera in hand in spring is a bit like a treasure hunt.  Mother Nature left behind some interesting finds!


White Pine cone

Over the years, I’ve found blossoms on this white pine tree in last spring, but never found any cones.  This year, there are several.


White Pine Cone

Sunshine makes these birch trees glow!


In the sunshine

Several stalks of burdock clusters were left standing in spite of winter’s snow.


Part of spring is finding things left behind, but soon there will be new growth out in the yard.  I’m  ready.

Buttercup and More

Every time I go outside, I’m finding something different blooming.  My garden flowers are rather sparse right now, but wild things are just as beautiful.



Did you ever hold a buttercup under a friend’s chin to see if they liked butter?  The shiny petals most often will reflect their color, especially on a sunny day.


Wild Phlox, pale lavendar

Wild Phlox, pale lavender



Wild Phlox, dressed in white

Wild Phlox, dressed in white

We were out for a drive this morning, and saw several places  covered with these wild phlox plants.

Chive blossom with bee

Chive blossom with bee

As I stopped to check my chives blossoms yesterday, along came a very cooperative bee to take a taste.  He seemed quite taken with the chives and flitted around several flowers.

So much to search for and enjoy in spring!