Eastern White Pine

Early in spring, the Eastern White Pine trees have unique flowers.  I’ve gone back to the trees (luckily, in my yard) several times to catch their progress.

DSC_5490_034 5-3-17 pine blossom

White Pine blossom

DSC_5479_34 5-3-17 white pine blm

White Pine Blossom

These two blossoms are on different trees.


Sun’s Glow

Branches bathed in sunlight.



Blossoms Today

This is the first year I’ve found blossoms lingering so late!  Mother Nature seems to be having a good year.

Shining Stars

This is the season for flowers everywhere!  Even some of my house plants are showing off.

DSC_6433_045 5-31-17 easter cactus

These “stars” are on my Easter Cactus, which is late blooming this spring.

DSC_6511_047 6-1-17 new lens easter cact