Oneida Lake, Part 2

Continuing with the theme of Oneida Lake from my last post.


Verona Beach Lighthouse

This lighthouse still stands in Verona Beach, although it has not been in use for many years.



Ducks on Oneida Lake

Nice evening for a swim!


DSC_0015_082 8-11-17 lake

Almost Sunset

Sun is setting, time to head home!

I hope you have enjoyed my mini-tour of nearby Oneida Lake.

Oneida Lake, Part 1

Today I am offering a change of pace.  Lately, most of my photos that I’ve shared have been from my yard or a nearby nature center, but this time,  from a local lake:  Oneida Lake, about five miles from where I live.  Growing up, we often went fishing for walleye pike, perch, and other fish and had family picnics at a state park and other sites around the lake.


Canada Geese

The last few years, Canada Geese are everywhere!   They are becoming a pest.

Sailboat Leaving the Pier at Sylvan Beach

Boats and ships of all kinds stop along the pier at Sylvan Beach — big yachts, barges, sailboats included.  It looks as though this sailboat was going to enjoy a sunset view while out on the lake.


DSC_9989__082 8-11-17 lake

Evening sky at Sylvan Beach

These boulders have been added to this beach area to help prevent erosion.

Stay tuned for my next post, Oneida Lake, Part 2.