Buttercup and More

Every time I go outside, I’m finding something different blooming.  My garden flowers are rather sparse right now, but wild things are just as beautiful.



Did you ever hold a buttercup under a friend’s chin to see if they liked butter?  The shiny petals most often will reflect their color, especially on a sunny day.


Wild Phlox, pale lavendar

Wild Phlox, pale lavender



Wild Phlox, dressed in white

Wild Phlox, dressed in white

We were out for a drive this morning, and saw several places  covered with these wild phlox plants.

Chive blossom with bee

Chive blossom with bee

As I stopped to check my chives blossoms yesterday, along came a very cooperative bee to take a taste.  He seemed quite taken with the chives and flitted around several flowers.

So much to search for and enjoy in spring!






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