Greens and Blue

Our weather has been quite cool this spring; tree leaves, fruit tree blossoms, spring flowers, have all been reluctant to open.  Yesterday was full of sunshine, for the most part, so I took out my camera to see what I could to photograph.


Winds were quite strong, so trying to photograph some things was impossible.  Tiny violet plants, even though close to the ground, were whipping in the wind.  Nothing to do but move on.  Some plants are more sturdy and/or protected by the house, so I headed to a succulent plant that will bloom in fall; its foliage is a soft shade of green.


Hosta plants are always intriguing – their textures, shape, and shadows among the leaves draw me to them frequently.  Most are only partly open, and they will bloom later.


Just before going back inside, I noticed how brilliantly blue the sky was, which was a great background for these birch trees, the white bark and tight leaf buds, fresh leaves, glowed in the sun and swayed with the strong breeze.

The beautiful spring came, and when Nature returned her loveliness, the human soul is apt to revive also.

Harriet Ann Jacobs



2 responses to “Greens and Blue

  1. Enjoyed these pics. Thanks Donna.

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