Winter Sky

Sky-watching any time of the year can be exciting and ever-changing.  Wintertime is almost over here in New York State; even though it has been a rather uneventful winter,  the sky is always fascinating.


During a snowstorm, skies are  very gloomy, dreary.  Some might even say depressing, but it will soon change.

DSC_3233_214  11-16-15 sunny blue

On a sunny day in early winter; withered apples wait for birds or squirrels to feast on them.

DSC_4166_232 1-27-16 sunset-nw

Sometimes, you must remember to turn away from one view and look behind you.  On this evening, the sun glowed onto the trees to the east.

DSC_4173_232 1-27-16 sun set west

This same evening, this was the western view a few minutes later.


Always take time to look around you, to enjoy nature.


2 responses to “Winter Sky

  1. Lovely thoughts and images–thanks. I am writing from my creative office, where I have been noticing birds feasting on the withered apples on the tree outside. It gave me great joy on the colder, snowier days, to see that they had a good, natural, and abundant food source.

  2. Thank you, Kathy. One of my reasons for sharing my photos is to remind others of the beauty around us.

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