Various light sources can make a photo unique.  I have been trying out some new (to me) methods and some old ones, too, in an effort to learn more about using light in different ways and to help me understand my camera better along the way.

These images were taken with flash.

DSC_4464_238 2-18-16 box adj crop

DSC_4471+238 2-18-16 adj crop

DSC_4496_238 22-18-16 flash crop=adj

Off-camera flash is a new technique I’m trying; this orchid shows that method.

DSC_4546 _239 2-19-16 20mm ext-flash

 Late day sunshine shows an entirely different mood.

DSC_4337_235 2-7-qt 2 pots

Click on photos to view larger image.


4 responses to “Light

  1. Great use of light, Donna!

  2. Great blog Clover. I will enjoy exploring it. Thanks for visiting mine.

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