Ending or Beginning?

Each spring, part of one of my flower beds is allowed to grow “wild” with milkweed, hoping to entice a monarch butterfly or two to stop by and feast or find a spot to lay eggs.


Milkweed flower buds

Milkweed flower buds

Bilkweed Bloom

Bilkweed Bloom

Newly formed Milkweed Pod

Newly formed Milkweed Pod

Autumn brings the growing season to a close.  Fruits and vegetables have ripened, plants and trees have finished their life’s cycle.

Drying milkweed

Drying milkweed

However, in looking closer, we find the promise of hings to come, even in the drying husks of milkweed plants.


Open milkweed pod, dispersing seeds of life

Even the last flutter of milkweed fluff holds the secret of rebirth.



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