Close-up, milkweed whirlwind
Close-up, milkweed whirlwind

Autumn is almost over.  By now, we usually have snow on the ground and have needed our winter jackets, gloves and hats.  This year, our November/autumn weather  continues mostly warmer than usual.  I’ve been able to enjoy being outside with my camera in hand and the only problem has been the sometimes strong winds on these nice days.


The days I shot the above two images were very windy!  The feathery fluff of the milkweed kept flying away as I was trying to capture it .

DSC_2845_209 11-4-15 moss
Moss on a rotting log

DSC_3002_211 11-9-15 henSome things in nature hold most or some of their natural colors even into  and through winter, as with the above moss and hens & chickens.  The moss even seems to be growing, spreading.

Rose Rugosa leaves
Rose Rugosa leaves

These Rose Rugosa leaves were some of the last fall colors around my yard.  Today, the branches are bare, resting till spring.

A fall haiku:

autumn weather flees
on wings of chaotic breeze
seasons eternal

Donna Ward


2 responses to “Changing

  1. Love stuff like this. your photos are really amazing as well! Love how detailed they appear, you really get a fantastic glimpse at everything

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