Visiting the Salmon River Fish Hatchery


We visited one of our state’s fish hatcheries this week.  Personally, I find this an interesting process, but some may find my photos too graphic.  I will understand if you do not view them, but please be conscious of the good work done by these facilities.  This helps to ensure  continuation and conservation of many of our fish species.

Outside tanks hold fish

Outside tanks hold fish


We were on an open area, a floor above the work area, so we had a “bird’s-eye” view.


Salmon come into the Spawn House on a conveyor belt

Nice size!

Nice size!

“Milking” (The process of collecting eggs from the salmon)


Freshly collected eggs



After this step, the eggs are processed and allowed to hatch in another area.  After they hatch, they go into these tanks.  DSC_2516

When large enough, they go out to stock rivers or streams to continue the mission of the hatchery.


The above shows how much the  incubators hold!  I apologize for cutting off the line: “Total Incubation Capacity.”  The space was limited and my 40mm lens cut the edges off!

Because of so many photos for this post, I have made the photos smaller than usual.  Still, clicking on them will open in a larger view.

For more information, see:

Salmon river fish hatchery


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