Buds peeking through

Buds peeking through

As a birthday gift in 2013, I received a lovely anthurium plant, full of orange-red blooms.  Those flowers lasted for several months, finally waned and were cut off.  I kept the plant watered and fed as needed and it has kept going without much change since.

Partially open Anthurium bloom

Partially open Anthurium bloom

This spring, I gave it a summer vacation on the front porch, along with other plants that I set out each year.  I decided it would either live/flourish or die.  From these photos, you can see that it has flourished.  The blossoms are not quite as big as the original blooms, but every bit as lovely and bright.

Anthurium bud and bloom

Anthurium bud and bloom

And now, in fall,  I share with you to enjoy!

DSC_1426_197 9-224-15 anthuriums


2 responses to “Anthurium

  1. Incredible color, shape, and texture. Thanks for
    the wonderful photos and text

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