Time to Get Back to Blogging!!

So far, our summer has been busy — appointments and such take a lot of our time.  With today’s post, a few random photos to get back in the swing of things and share some of my recent finds!

Recent sundry from my backyard

Recent sundry from my backyard



My camera club has monthly “assignments” to keep us learning more about our cameras and photography.  This last photo  is one of my efforts to do an abstract in nature.

Abstract of the tip of a leaf on a house plant

Abstract of the tip of a leaf on a house plant

As always, clicking a photo will open in larger view.


2 responses to “Time to Get Back to Blogging!!

  1. Thanks for sharing these–beautiful! I just had a lovely experience as a nature writing resident for a week at Trail Wood, an Audubon site and Edwin Way Teale’s former home. I’ll sure be blogging about it! I found myself wishing I had a “real” camera–smart phones only take you so far! Please let me know if you have any ideas for a simple, easily portable, but fairly good camera. I am really a point and shoot kind of girl and don’t want to fiddle with a lot!

    • Thank you for your comments and questions, Kathy. I am not familiar with point-and-shoot cameras; I’ve been using a DSLR for eight years or so, and haven’t kept up with those. I do remember being advised to not use “digital zoom” — it is basically a magnification of the photo, not real zoom, and the photos get distorted. My last point and shoot had a 10X zoom and took very good photos. Some better cameras have more zoom now.
      Share your bog with me; I’d like to see your experiences with the nature-writing residency.

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