Light Painting

My camera club has a monthly assignment, usually something we’ve had a program about, to use the new information and put it into practice.  It’s a great learning tool.  Our December assignment was “night photography.”  I’m not keen on trying to work outside, especially this time of year, so I decided on an inside project:  light painting.

I set up a black background (black foam core board), and used my newly open orchid plant for a model.

After setting the camera up on a tripod and choosing settings, off went the lights.  Using a cable release, I opened the shutter, turned on a small LED flashlight and panned the light over the blossom and buds.   After a few adjustments, this was my best image! The flashlight was on for just over three seconds.

DSC_3879_118 12-5-14 orchid light painted

It’s fun to try new techniques, especially when the results are good.

For those who are interested, here are my camera settings: Nikon D5100, 40mm Nikkor lens, AF,  F9, bulb setting, 3.7 seconds, ISO 4000, +1 EV.


4 responses to “Light Painting

  1. Good to experiment, Donna!

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