Geese in Flight

DSC_3566 116 11-29-14 geese 4It’s been two or three years since I’ve had a chance to to a wildlife refuge photograph birds in flight, so I was delighted to have some come to me this morning!  There is an open field across the road, the other side of a creek, and all of a sudden flocks and flocks of geese flew in to rest there, apparently.

DSC_3599_116 11-29-14 geese 3Since my last attempts at shooting geese, I have a different camera.  Either it works better on flying birds, or I’ve learned a lot — either way, I’m happy to share some of my photos today.

DSC_3592_116 11-29-14 geese 1

DSC_3116 11-29-14 geese 2


6 responses to “Geese in Flight

  1. Never mind geese, where’s Hootie? Lol

  2. Great shots of of the Canadian honkers..I’ve not heard any going over yet but maybe I missed the geese this year. I live in central Texas and this part is a flyway as they head for the Texas coastal rice fields which have now dwindled in numbers because the farmers were limited for irrigating their crops. Sad,.oh so sad.. The water has been going to towns such as Austin that keeps on growing. What kind of stupid government do we have anyway?

    • Thank you, petspeopleandlife ! We seem to have more geese in our area year round, but seldom see large groups like this. They almost become pests as they’ve learned to be around people where it’s easy to forage for food.

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