Blue Jays searching for trouble!
Blue Jays searching for trouble!

Blue Jays are very aggressive, even toward birds bigger than they are.  I’ve seen them chase crows during the summer, probably to keep them away from their nests.  One of their nicknames is “bandit,” because of the mask markings on their faces.

Getting closer, braver
Getting closer, braver

As I mentioned in a previous post, they seem to like to gang up on owls.  This morning, they were in the yard again, checking out the hole where we’ve see a screech owl several times, and screaming their presence.  One finally took a chance, and gave a long look into the hole in our old apple tree to see what he might find.

A precarious perch
A precarious perch

The blue jays must have awakened the screech owl—after the jays left, he came out in the open, basking in the sunlight on this chilly (18º F around 8:00 AM) morning.  He may look like he’s sleeping in this photo, but if you look close, he has his eye on things around him.

screech owl
screech owl

I’m so fortunate to have all this right in my backyard!


5 responses to “Bandits

  1. Wonderful shots of the birds, Donna!

  2. Thank you, Ravi! It was so much fun getting these photos.

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