Last night, I took out my tripod, camera, etc., to try and photograph some hummingbirds as they came to my feeder.
DSC_7918 081 8-9-14 hummer 1
I have waited till rather late in the season, partly because some of my equipment is new to me and I haven’t used it much.  After trying the remote shooting fireworks a couple weeks ago, I decided I needed to venture into other things!
DSC_7917 081 8-9-14 hummer 2
Between equipment malfunctions (mostly due to operator error), I managed to get a few photos.  The hummingbirds aren’t as plentiful as they were earlier in the summer; it won’t be long before they migrate to winter quarters, but I did get at least two different birds to come in while I was waiting.  Another time, I hope to get more action– once I work out the malfunctions!

DSC_7931 081 8-9-14 hummer 3

Equipment: Camera, Nikon D5100; Sigmas 150-500mm lens,Giotto tripod, Opteka gimbal head

4 responses to “Hummingbirds

  1. Beautiful Little Sweeties 🙂 Thanks for Sharing these !

  2. Nice! I had supper on my balcony last night and a hummingbird stopped at the feeders I I have. He or she was shocked to see me sitting there and so did not stay unfortunately. So,I comforted myself with pictures of the moonrise.

    • If you sat there regularly, they would be used to you, and as long as you sat still, would go about stopping to eat. we used to sit nearby ours, and one time, one even tried to drink from my glass sitting on the railing by me. So much fun to watch.

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