Last evening, I went to a local show of fireworks with friends.  I hadn’t had a chance to photograph fireworks since I got my Nikon D5100 several years ago.  My photos aren’t the best, but I was pleased to get some rather decent views.

DSC_6933 075 7-26-14 fw 1

DSC_6893 075 7-26-14 fw2

DSC_6895 075 7-26-14 fw 3

DSC_6918 075 7-26-14 fw 4

The fireworks were part of a weekend of festivities in nearby Sherrill, New york, the smallest city in New York State.

It was quite a learning experience, and I think I’ll have to try a different method the next time I get to a fireworks show.

9 responses to “Fireworks

  1. I think they are awesome!

  2. Really nice, Donna. Seems to be the year for snapping fireworks 😉

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