Water Lilies

My husband and I went out for a day of relaxing fun (for me anyway) instead of the usual medical appointments.   I was prepared, camera and lenses, etc., readied last night!  The weather cooperated with bright sunshine, low humidity, and a cool breeze.

Lily Pads on Sunset Lake

Lily Pads on Sunset Lake

We headed out to a couple local areas, wanting to have time for photographing, not a lot of driving!   Our first stop was a local small lake, Sunset Lake, in nearby Sherrill, New York.   As you can see in the above photo, there were a lot of lily pads on the lake, especially out in the sun on the middle of the water.  Sunset Lake is very small, more of a pond.  Years ago, there were swimming lessons held there, but now it’s a natural area where people can enjoy a nature walk, go fishing (no ice fishing!), or just enjoy the sunshine.

Lily pads

Lily pads

There is a trail on one side of the lake, which we walked along, and found some of the lily pads were closer to shore, mostly in the shade.

Lily Pad Reflection

Lily Pad Reflection

Stay tuned for another post or two of our  beautiful day!




8 responses to “Water Lilies

  1. Michael Seagriff


    I always enjoy the beauty you capture in your photos. Thanks for sharing them.


  2. Mike — you are most welcome, but it is I who should thank you for taking time to view my page and comment!

  3. Sounds like a perfect day to savor when winter snows fall still

  4. Love the lake and water lilies. Lovely and so peaceful. Reminds me of the movie Notebook and the lake there.

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