A Few Flowers

Summer flowers are spreading color all around.  Please enjoy these from my garden!

Hosta after rain

Hosta after rain

DSC_5525 071 7-10-14 hosta inside

Inside another Hosta flower

First Hollyhock

First Hollyhock

A bee enjoys Hollyhock

A bee enjoys Hollyhock


We had a very gloomy day yesterday (July 13) , but across the backyard, I spotted this bit of sunshine.

Daisies, Lilies, and Hosta

Daisies, Lilies, and Hosta



4 responses to “A Few Flowers

  1. Very colorful flowers in your garden, Donna

  2. Somehow I overlooked your “handle” and it seems that I never visited your blog. You are an excellent photographer and it’s apparent that I’ve been missing some great posts. I’m so sorry that I did not go to your site until today when I was looking over some of my older posts and saw your comment.

    Regards, yvonne

    • Thanks for you comments, Yvonne. I’m glad you’ve found me now and hope you will keep coming back. I enjoy my photography, and hope I can share something that might give enjoyment to others.

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