Summer Things

Summer, and nature seems to take off with activity.  These photos were  all taken July 5, 2014.

Ripening Currants

Ripening Currants

Currants are an old-fashion berry, used mainly for jelly!  And it is delicious.


Honey bee Enjoys Knockout Rose

HoneybeeEnjoys Knockout Rose

 Honeybees were busy on many flowers.



This bluebird was a complete surprise to me.  I went out with my 150-500 mm lens to see if I might see one; they had been calling as they hunted for supper for their nestlings.  I took some test shots of the nest box, and accidentally photoed one!


Evening Sun

Evening Sun

Late day sun can great beautiful rays!


Moon, Early Evening

Moon, Early Evening

White this moon photo isn’t the greatest, it’s part of my first efforts at taking the moon during  early evening with the long lens.  I’m pleased at the size of the moon when shot with this lens!  It’s always been just a “pimple” on a photo with other lenses I have.

Summer is a time for many activities — have  you hugged your camera today?



3 responses to “Summer Things

  1. Nice positive images of summer!

  2. Reblogged this on Writerraebeth’s Weblog and commented:
    Lovely images

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