This summer seems to be a good growing year for milkweed!  They may be weeds, but their flowers are pretty and their scent, sweet and heavy, especially in the evening sun, when I took these photos.

Single milkweed flower
Single milkweed flower

Since milkweeds are monarch butterflies food of choice, I leave several plants to grow along with my perennials and such.  I’ve never noticed any butterflies on them, but maybe one of these years!





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2 responses to “Milkweed

  1. Nice milkweeds. Glad you have saved some. Be patient, maybe one day the Monarchs will show up. I have some Monarch pics etc in my blog. I dont have any native but the Monarchs nectar and host on the Mexican Milkweed which I began planting last year and added more this year. I aim for some Texas natives and have some seed but the germination rate in very iffy

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