My Easter Cactus plant is quite the showoff this year.  It started  blooming shortly after Easter, with just three or four buds peeking through.

Easter Cactus

Easter Cactus

Those buds opened, and I brought the plant downstairs where we could enjoy the bright, red stars.  Then I noticed another one or two, then more, till it’s been in constant bloom since!

These showy flowers are so cheery, I look forward to them each year.

Closer view

Closer view

The blooms are much different than the more common Christmas Cactus.  This article explains difference in the different “seasonal” cactus plants:


DSC_0045 056 6-6-14 east cact4 - Copy

 Note:  Clicking photos will open in larger view screen.

More on EASTER CACTUS, including pictures of varieties.


4 responses to “Showoff

  1. Very nice and colorful, Donna!

  2. I like your treatment of the subject. The first one would make a wonderful composition for a painting!

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