Trees and A Shrine

Both of these photographs today are scenes I have photographed many times.  The first, some large trees at one of the local cemeteries, is near a small monument for a  “Baby Girl,”` — only that description and her last name.  I understand she died at birth, and was buried without being named, unbaptized.  These trees have grown in the ten or fifteen years since I first noticed them.  My first vision of them, it seemed they were  a shelter for this baby girl and others buried in the same area, a safe haven.

Trees, above small graves.
Trees, above small graves.

This next photo is of a shrine in another cemetery  a few miles away.  I’ve tried and tried to get a “decent” capture of this Madonna and Child, and usually was not satisfied.  This time was different, and I’m quite pleased to share this version with you.

Shrine, Mary and Baby Jesus
Shrine, Mary and Baby Jesus


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