The Roses are Coming,

Hooray for the first blooms of summer’s roses!  These are Rosa Rugosa; we have a long hedgerow of them.   The row has been neglected the past couple years and needs some work, but there are still a few bushes strong enough to produce some flowers!  Enjoy these first signs of summer!

DSC_0754 054 6-1-14 white rose rugosa

DSC_0756 054 5-1-14 pink rose rugosa

Info on Rosa Rugosa



2 responses to “The Roses are Coming,

  1. Oh Clover! These are wonderful! It is what I wanted to plant along my front fence, if I was going to be here longer term. Rugosa is what a rose is all about 🙂

  2. Rugosa’s would be perfect along your fence, eremophila! Even without a fence, they make such a tight row of twigs, leaves, and thorns, that little can get through to invade the yard! And they bloom off/on all season.

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