Spring Haiku

Late Spring Snow

Late Spring Snow

Snow, Late Spring

Snow, Late Spring

In  mid-April, we had one last (I hope) snowfall.  I was so tired of snow that I almost did not take any photos.  When I did, it was just a couple quick shots with my cell phone!  These photos and then a few nights later, windows open and hearing night time sounds, brought about this haiku.

northwest wind blusters
snow, thirty degree dark
peepers crescendo


4 responses to “Spring Haiku

  1. I like that haiku so much it gives me goosebumps, Donna. I think you should submit it to Syracuse Poster Project. Check the punctuation because I know haiku is specific about it and I know I do not know. 😉 ,y sense is to add a comma…

    • Thanks, Rachael. I am wondering about punctuation in haiku, but haven’t looked up the “rules” on that yet. Will do. Wondering the extra spaces between items (instead of punctuation), which I can’t remember the name for, would work instead?

  2. You took photos with your cellphone??? Oh, the perfidy of it LOL (still works)

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