Color of our words

I just finished reading this article thanks to my “Choice Listening” magazine on Talking Book format. Very interesting uses of words!


In this piece, Rick Bragg uses the dialog of the South to draw a beautiful illustration of place and character. I hope you miss half the fun on your first read through because you’re too busy thinking about how you’re going to do this in your next story …

The Color of Words
by Rick Bragg

[…] Often, I gaze at the scudding clouds and icy mist and think of fishing. “The fish won’t bite on a bluebird day,” my big brother, Sam, told me many years ago, looking up into a bright, blue sky. I heard it in my head every clear, blue day – and when it’s cloudy with a chance of fish.

Or, I think about Mrs. Mary Bird, of Waterloo, Alabama, who sees through the gray and cold, “Still enough blue in the sky,” she says, “to make a cat a pair of pants.”

And I know that…

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2 responses to “Color of our words

  1. Donna, thanks for re-blogging my post on Color of Our Words. I’m glad someone else like Rick Bragg as much as I do. 🙂

  2. You are welcome, Chris. I found you because I did a search for the article and found it on your blog; I wanted to share it with others and was glad to find it. I can also read it again after I return my magazine cartridge.

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