Remembering Summer

It’s January.  The past few days have been changeable:  rain, sun, cloudy.  But today I awoke to snow coming down.  It had been snowing only a little while and the ground was already covered.  By noon, there was five or six inches of snow cover.

Snowy white Asian Lily

Snowy white Asian Lily

I didn’t want to look at snow, so dug through my files for something from last summer.  Also, these gave me a chance to learn to use my new editing program better.  As I was saving the above photo, I realized that I had picked a snowy-white lily to work on to help forget about the snow!

Orange Asian Lily

Orange Asian Lily

Please enjoy these bright cheery lilies!


5 responses to “Remembering Summer

  1. Good way to escape the snow!

  2. Those lilies are wonderful Clover! And I always love orange 🙂

  3. Beautiful flowers– it certainly must be better looking at snow than living in it from what I read from others here on WordPress…

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