Back in “Business”

My recently ordered Photoshop Elements 12 arrived Thursday, has been installed in my new computer, and now the fun of learning has begone. This program has similarities to the old Photoshop program I was using, but has updates and different methods of working on your photographs.  It will take me time to learn it, but I’ve made a good start.  So far, I’ve even managed to make myself a signature brush and figured out several things that are presented differently from what I was used to.

Original photo with unwanted objects.
Original photo with unwanted objects.

PS Elements 12 has a new (to me) tool that will move items from the screen.  One of the first things I did was try that one out!  The above photo  of one of our bird feeders being tackled by several birds is taken through a window and doesn’t leave me room to avoid some winter clutter.  Photo below is my “after” view with the orange fencing moved out of the way, giving me room to crop out the main subject.

"After" photo, clutter cropped out.
“After” photo, clutter cropped out.

While trying out some of the features, I used a filter called “plastic wrap” on this Peace Lily blossom. I don’t often try these kind of filters out.  Do you like the effect?  It seem to fit the shape of the flower and make it more vibrant.

Peace Lily
Peace Lily

I think this program will provide me with lots  of fun and distractions.


4 responses to “Back in “Business”

  1. Great shots. Welcome back!

    Sent from Samsung tablet

  2. Clever you! I liked the effect of that filter on the peace lily also.

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