Easter in October

Easter Cactus bud
Easter Cactus bud

My Easter Cactus spent its summer vacation on the front porch, then went back to its normal home in front of one of our bedroom windows.

DSC_2335 120 10-2-13 eastercactus left
Unexpected happening: Easter Cactus in October

Unfortunately, it enjoyed its vacation so much that it had outgrown its usual spot.  When I went to move it elsewhere (a hefty weight to carry), I noticed that I had a surprise — buds and blossoms, bright and shiny!

Another surprise bloom

Another surprise bloomI just had to stop everything and share my surprise “gift.”

I just had to stop and share my surprise “gift.”

4 responses to “Easter in October

  1. We call them Christmas cactus. I have a huge one too. Only it blooms white flowers. Twice a year Christmas and yes around Easter too.

    • silentlyheardonce, |I used to have a Christmas Cactus, but it had different flowers than this, the Easter Cactus — they are two different cacti, as far as I know and have been told. And this one is supposed to bloom about the time of Easter, although it’s usually a bit late. It has bloomed twice a year before, but this was completely a surprise.

  2. That’s beautiful! Cactus flowers are hard to grow 😀

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