Another lovely, delicate weed, growing and blooming in abundance right now!
Yellow jewelweed

Yellow jewelweed




4 responses to “Jewelweed

  1. Nice shots. I like the name ” touch-me-nots” better. We had them in the ravine at our camp both yellow and orange spotted. I had them by my barn when I lived in Nelson. I love when you touch the seed pod and it sproings apart. Like your use of negative space behind the flowers. Good composition.

    • Yes, “touch-me-not” is one of its many names. I do not remember ever seeing them around here till a few years ago, although the kids knew what they were because their father showed them around here somewhere. And it was only last year that I finally figured out the “tough” thing; what a weird feeling when it springs to life between your fingers! We have some orange spotted, too, but I haven’t found any blooming yet.

  2. Lovely composition 🙂 Thanks for visiting my blog .
    BTW The Personal link on your Gravatar page goes to a Japanese site. 😀

    • Thanks for your comments, elmediat! I’ll have to figure out where that page is and how to correct it. I’m still learning how to use WordPress and all its quirks and such.

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