DSC_7904 0996 7-6-13 hollyhock stalk

Most summers, I have several hollyhock plants, mostly red with an occasional pink or white showing themselves. This year, only two or three plants are big enough to bloom, and these photos are of the first blooms, all coming out the same morning!  It is right next to our back door, so joyful to see when you open it to go out.

Hollyhock, back view
Hollyhock, back view

In earlier times, I understand that hollyhock blossoms were turned into little dancing dolls for little girls with few possessions.  What fun they must have had with them.  As for myself, I thoroughly enjoy the blossoms as they remind me of my great-grandmother and hollyhocks growing in her garden each summer.

DSC_7888 096 7-6-13 hollyhock center

Hollyhock blossom

More info on Hollyhocks:  Alcea


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