A Walk in the Woods

DSC_5702 084 6-5-13 sketchclass 3 hat

Last week, I wrote about A Poppy’s Life, and of the sketching/watercolor class I took through our local library.  On a previous session, we visited a nearby state park locale, where we had class instruction, then took walks to see what we might like to try to sketch or paint on location.

DSC_5680 084 6-5-13 pond reflectionThis location gave us a chance to see various kinds of trees, a small pond, and an abundance of fresh spring greens everywhere you looked!  The close end of the pond (above) was a bit scummy, as you can see, but still offered a reflection of the overhanging trees.

DSC_5710 084 6-5-13 sketch-woods3Some of the class took out their materials and became part of the scenery!

DSC_5667 084 5-4-13 white pineI found this magnificent old tree, a white pine, I think, very interesting.  No matter which way I walked around it, each side was equally intriguing!

DSC_5665 084 5-5-13 woodsDid you enjoy this walk in the woods with me?


8 responses to “A Walk in the Woods

  1. I was right there strolling along with you, Clover. So green and lush. I think nature has a way of calming and helping us keep things in perspective. Very enjoyable walk! Thank you!

  2. Very much so. I always enjoy visiting. Keep those pictures coming…

  3. Wow! I could almost smell the scent of the green leaves through your picture!! Amazing vision impact. Love the pictures in the wood!!!! Thanks!

  4. OH to have been there in person! I would have sketched these living beauties in words until the light faded 😉 Thank you so much for sharing.

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