A Poppy’s Life

DSC_6303 087 6-12-13 poppy buds

Although I know I’ll never become a famous artist, I recently participated in a series of sketching/watercolor classes.  I was invited by the class’s instructor, Carol, to attend.  She understood my vision impairment might not  allow me to accomplish as others might.  In fact, she encouraged me to bring my camera along with materials for sketching, and do as I felt comfortable with.

DSC_6245 087 6-12-13 poppy side

The last of these classes, also called “Plein Air” (meaning, I think, working out of doors), was at a local historic site.  After some instruction at the beginning of each class, we were left to wander, to “see,” not just look, and then proceed to sketch or even paint with our watercolors on location.

DSC_6269 087 6-12-13 poppies

I found that just the encouragement to try my hand at sketching seemed to give me the courage to try again.  My sketches actually seemed (to me at least) to come out fairly good. I’ve even dabbled a bit with the watercolors, a completely new medium for me.  I haven’t “painted” since i was a kid painting in a coloring book with a set of Crayola (I think) watercolors.

This last day’s class with its time to roam some lovely gardens, brought me to find a bed of poppies in the various stages of growth as I’m sharing here today.  It’s not often you see the complete cycle of a flower all at once, and I didn’t even realize that till this morning when I decided to write about the poppies and the workshops and viewed my photographs again.

DSC_6299 087 6-12-13  poppy open

This piece ends with a reminder, a moral, to all — do not be afraid to try new things.  You might be surprised and enjoy a new aspect of yourself.

DSC_6249 087 6-12-13 poppy seed pod


5 responses to “A Poppy’s Life

  1. Nice images and great advice Donna!

  2. Love Poppy’s and your presentation of these great views in the life of an Poppy is well done. Mck

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