Shooting Stars

DSC_4883 080 5-22-13 easter cactus2

Several years ago, I was given a small Easter Cactus plant.  At the time, I found it was considered to be of the family, Schlumbergera,  but now I find that they updated it to another genus: Hatiora.

DSC_4338 076 5-16-13 easter cacu3

The first and last photos were taken on tripod, no artificial light; the second (above) was taken with flash.  I wanted to show off its interesting center.

DSC_4884 080 easter cactus 5-22-13

They usually bloom once a year, in early spring, but one year the plant bloomed in December, then again in spring — it outdid itself that year!  Like Christmas Cactus, it needs special treatment to get it to bloom, so lots of patience and waiting, waiting and patience, is rewarded in the end with these blooms that look, to me, like shooting stars!


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