Never Stop Asking for a Story:my take on the promotional trail

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Writing and or illustrating it is the fun part of making a book. Marketing it is less enchanting even if one is a fantasy author. There are no magical solutions to arriving in the top ten on the best seller list. Many excellent writers are never read. If a writer is using a small or indie press, the plus side of that is the author has much more back and forth dialogue and control of things such as artwork and design. On the other hand being picked up by an agent and then a big house appears to most folks as the true pinnacle of success.

QUoting YA fantasy author with Scholastic Diana Zimmerman author of “Kandide,”
ever year 300,000 good books fall by the wayside into obscurity due to lack of exposure.” On are 3, 000.000 books.How to stay visible becomes the ultimate question, long enough to reach…

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