First Spring Flowers

DSC_1454 062 4-14-13 gray sky

First chance I’ve had to see and take  photos of my Christmas Rose blossoms.  The winter snow fences around some of our trees and shrubs (to protect from deer feasting on tender morsels) are finally down.  These early flowers are just beginning to open and with the fencing now down, I could get to them!  As you can tell from my opening photograph, it is not a pleasant day outside; I was treated to three or four short bursts of rain and snow showers as I took my photographs.  A few minutes later, the sun came out briefly.  It is spring, after all.  Winter does not want to give up.

DSC_1437 062 4014013 Chris rose
Christmas Rose blossom and buds
DSC_1392 062 4-14-13 Chris rose 1
Christmas Rose
DSC_1412 062 4-14-13 Chris rose 2
Christmas Rose blooms

I hope the weather is nicer soon and I can try for better vies!  A day where the fingers don’t begin to go numb from cold might be a better day for photography!

4 responses to “First Spring Flowers

  1. Spring is the season of new life and nature beautifully reflects that!

  2. Spring will be arrive soon! 😀

    • Spring is pretty much here, Cristina, just a bit hard to tell yet when the weather hasn’t warmed very much! These flowers like it that way, though and will last quite awhile.

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