What Happened?

This is spring?

This is spring?

What happened to spring?  These photos show what I awoke to see this morning.  If this had happened yesterday, it would have been the April Fools joke of the day.  Today, it’s just another normal weather happening in New York in spring!

DSC_1098 059 4-2-13 snowy sill
Snow on the windowsill; a bit of sunshine too!

On the positive side, the sun is shining through the snow,off and on.

Evergreens covered in snow
Evergreens covered in snow

Everyone is weary of this weather.  Spring, think spring!!

DSC_1129 059 4-2-13 snowy bb house

Vacancy: available for summer occupancy!


Note:  All photos “as taken,” no post processing.. Nikon D5100, 18-55mm Nikon lens.


12 responses to “What Happened?

  1. What a difference makes…I preferred the blue birds!

  2. It can only get better, Donna!

  3. Snow is grand, nonetheless, especially to some of us who never experience it…

  4. Enjoying your blog………………..Mck

  5. I love white winter, but not that long. Hope Spring could come earlier.

    • I think we’re finally on track for spring now, Cristina: most snow has melted again and we’re warming up with a whole day of sunshine today! Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

  6. sending rays of warm sunshine your way…should arrive soon

    • Ahh, thank you Eddie Two Hawks for sending sunshine; a little has arrived today, off and on! And we are warming, slowly and that’s probably a good thing. I hope the last of snow and cold are done with at last!

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