Easstern Bluebird

We have been looking and looking for the bluebirds to arrive!  For several years, they have wintered nearby and come to our yard occasionally to feed on suet accidentally dropped by woodpeckers feeing at our suet stations. They even seem to check out the bluebird boxes at the edge of our yard to be sure they are still available.

They never came around this winter; they must have sensed the harder weather coming and left for a warmer climate!

They have returned, a delight to th eyes.

DSC_0804 057 3-30-13 bluebird-tree

Eastern Bluebird, “hiding” in peach tree

DSC_0836 057 3-30-13 bluebird-pole

Eastern Blueubird

The bluebird carries the sky on his back.

Henry David Thoreau


4 responses to “Easstern Bluebird

  1. I am sure you are happy to see them back

  2. Yes! Yes, he does carry the sky on his back 🙂 such wonderful birdies!

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