A Guest Post

A Guest post today by poet, artist, novelist  Rachael Ikins.

“Along the overlapping edges of  human and magical forests resided an individual who had the ability to pass back and forth in both worlds freely. Near that strange place where the water flowed uphill, she and her husband had built their cottage and birthed and raised their family.”

With these words, Rachael Ikins introduces us to yet another fascinating character in The Complete Tales from the Edge of the Woods.

chick one (2)

Artwork by Rachael Ikins

“At a younger age, decades before, a certain human woman had lost her vision due to a grave illness. Though her eyes did not see much more than dim shapes unless she put her face directly in front of the object she tried to study,  creativity welled up from her heart.”

Come to Canastota Library, Tuesday, April 30, 2013, 7 p.m., to listen to Rachael read from her poetic prose more about this interesting individual. Meet the publisher, too. Share tasty treats and a good book!

rachael bio shot Donna (2)

Rachael Ikins, by djWard

Read more about the Canastota Library HERE

2 responses to “A Guest Post

  1. Today is April 1st 😀
    Happy April Fool!

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