Something Different

Enough about winter and snow.   A change of topics is overdue!

Even though there isn’t a lot of sunshine this time of year, my African violets will put out dabs of color now and then!  So, a break from the snow to show you a few flowers!

I’ve had most of my violets for many years, especially this one.  It was given to me by a elderly neighbor over forty years ago,  It has traveled to Florida and back and made it through a couple other moves, too.  The neighbor called this one “Chapel Sunset,” which seems very appropriate for its color.

Today is the first day of spring.  We started off with clear skies and a bit of filtered sun.  Now it is snowing again!  I hope these flowers will bring you some sunshine as they do for me.  Happy Spring!


10 responses to “Something Different

  1. Color adds so much to one’s day.Thanks for making mine a little brighter!


  2. WordsFallFromMyEyes

    What a stunning, stunning illustrious colour.

    Beautiful capture.

  3. Yey! I’ve been waiting Spring to arrive!! Finally, it just arrives on time! 😀

  4. Beautiful flowers Clover, you obviously have the magic touch for these at times sensitive plants. Well done!

  5. Happy springtime to you!!!

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