Signs of Spring

Mid-March and we’ve had a rather gentle, lamb-like month except for a couple days and nights of very strong winds that were more like a lion (see MARCH).  Some signs of spring are beginning to show up:  red-wing blackbirds are back, birds at the feeders seem to be more interested in each other than eating, and even these squirrels are coming to feed in pairs.

DSC_8652 049 3-13-13 2 squirrels
A pair of squirrels finding seeds under the bird feeders

The opening photo of a red-wing blackbird in early-spring finery is from a few years ago as I’ve only seen them at a distance so far this year.  He is spreading his wings, opening beak, as he sings his familiar spring call.

DSC_8648 049 3-133-13 squirrel
Sunshine highlights this squirrel’s colors

Doesn’t this squirrel have a beautiful tail?


2 responses to “Signs of Spring

  1. Haha! I love small animals. Squirrels are cute. Hope they could find more food to eat after a long winter.

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