Late Winter

DSC_8072 045 3-6-13 milkweed
Dried milkweed has survived winter storms

Late winter, or perhaps early spring!  One can never be sure what Mother Nature has in store for us, of course.  But, whichever, we’ve had a warmer few days and I managed to get outside to see what is uncovered or leftover from winter.

DSC_8107 045 3-6-13 old tree trunk
An old willow still stands tall
DSC_8081 045 3-6-13 stream-water
Melting snow fills the stream that was dry last summer
DSC_8115 045 3-6-13 ice 2
Melting ice, varied patterns
DSC_8116 045  3-6-13 ice 1
Melting ice

Now that it is mid-March, we can hope that whatever storm might come, it won’t linger long and we’ll soon see some green tips of spring showing through.  I’m getting impatient!


4 responses to “Late Winter

  1. Love the melting ice closeups !!! Artwork for sale at Publications, books for sale at Ask The Girl Arts (@pet services) on FaceBook Twitter: @justaskrache

    “This girl is on fire!” Alicia Keyes

  2. Yes, I love the pics of the ice melting also. It gives me hope for Springs somehow. 🙂

    • Yes, Linda, spring is closer now! It’s been warming up for a couple days, and I was even out taking photographs with out a jacket yesterday! Nice, but probably wont’ last — it is March, after all! Thanks for stopping by.

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