Spring Sunshine

DSC_5867 038 2-14-13 shrinking snowbankWinter seems waning; perhaps Punxsutawney Phil’s predictions of early spring are “right on” this year.  No matter, we’ve had a few bright, sunny days this week and we are thinking spring

DSC_6367 040 2-18-13 hose finch
House finch basks in sunshine as he waits a turn at the feeders
DSC_6354 040 2018013 blue sky
Sunshine induces a gorgeous sky

Late day sunshine flows into my dining room, where I have several plants growing.  This warm sunshine has provided me a perfect chance to continue to record the progress of my golden yellow orchid plant as it continues to open its buds.

DSC_6396 040 2-18-13 orchid close
Orchid blossom in close-up
DSC_6410 040 2-18-13 orchid stem
Orchid stem

Is there a better end to any sunny day than a beautiful sky?

DSC_6414 040 2-18-13 sunset
February sky at sunset


6 responses to “Spring Sunshine

  1. Thank you for this joyful post…

  2. Yellow orchid lights up the day 😀

    • Yes, Cristina , these orchids do brighten the day — and many days as they last for several weeks if I don’t mess up and water too much! I’m glad if they brightened your day, too!

  3. plants are always a delight; especially in late afternoon shadows
    beautiful orchid!

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