We had a predicted snowstorm overnight, leaving us here in upstate New York with six to eight  inches of fresh snow.  Other places in the northeast have had much more that here.  It was still very dreary when I got up, but I gathered my camera for a few photographs before the wind came up to blow the snow off trees, etc.  These are views around my yard for your enjoyment!

DSC_5577 036 2-9-13 snow dines
Snow Domes
DSC_5578 036 2-9-13 summer cottage
Vacant Summer Cottage
DSC_5598 036 2-9-13 evrgrn brnach
Heavily-laden Branches
DSC_5600 036 2-0-13 evergreen RAW adj

Snow-covered Evergreen Trees

An explanation is due, of course, for the title of this piece:  for some reason, many messages on Facebook today are talking about the storm we’ve just experienced as “Nemo” — and I have no idea why that name for a storm.   Maybe someone has an explanation to share?


4 responses to “Nemo

  1. Snow covered evergreen trees within close photographic proximity of your home, priceless…

    • Thanks for your comment, Lindy Lee; I am so used to seeing these beautiful trees, touching them, photographing them, that I forget sometimes how important they are in my life! And to the world.

  2. I’m sure the birds in you area are thankful for the treats you have out for them.

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