It’s a Cold Spell!

Central New York has experienced a “cold spell” for several days.  Sunshine on winter snow, especially in the early morning, can be tricky to photograph and it to look “right” — or at least look like one saw it!
My new Nikon D5100 seems to be better in capturing the look of the early morning sun on the snow.  I hope you will enjoy my latest attempts!  And, if you have suggestions for improving my technique, I’d like to hear. These are only resized in post processing, no other editing.
Early morning hazy shadows and sunshine at below zero temperatures!
DSC_4895 029 1-27-13
Low morning sun through trees
DSC_4875 029 1-27-13 early sun-shadows
Sunshine on fresh snow

2 responses to “It’s a Cold Spell!

  1. Lovely yellow creamy light of morning winter.
    Thanks for visiting and supporting my blog. It is much appreciated. 🙂

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