Odds & Ends 2

A few notes and photographs today to get myself back in the “groove” of regular posting!  It’s so easy to get too busy and use that as an excuse get behind with some things in life.  Even though the holidays are over, it doesn’t seem be any less busy around here either.  Appointments (routine),  regular household duties and then getting the house back to “normal” after Christmas and packing away all the holiday things takes a lot of time.  Also, I purchased a new camera in December, and I’m still learning how to use it.  So here are some recent images, no particular theme or reason, just a few I wanted to share.

DSC_3541 violet 024 1-12-13
African Violet seems to be looking out the window; dreaming of spring?

In December, my camera club, “The Swamp Snappers,” had their first show of the year at Canastota Public Library  where I tried out my new Nikon D5100 and it’s SB-700 flash together for the first time.  With a little help from another club member (thanks Mike!), I was pleased with my results!

DSC_0102 005 12-2-12
Swamp Snappers Camera Club photography exhibit, December 2012

DSC_0088 005 12-2-12
Swamp Snappers Camera Club photography exhibit, December 2012

Last April, I posted  this article, YELLOW    — about a birthday gift.  My lovely orchid bloomed for three or four months.  I researched information on its care, and learned how to cut back the stems (not cutting them away entirely) to encourage it to re-bloom.   I’m happy to show you that it’s working!  This is a new stem of blossoms is from that same plant.

DSC_3530 orchid bud 035 1-12-13
New blossom stem, Phalaenopsis orchid

Our family gave us an anniversary party back in October, and one gift was a heart-shaped Christmas ornament.  I was testing out a set of extension tubes and this is the result — the sentiment from that same heart ornament.

DSC_3173 018 1-6-13
Christmas decoration

So far, I’ve very pleased with my new camera and can hardly wait for nicer weather to get outside in spring as I continue to learn how to use it!


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