When things get hectic in life, have you ever felt like you would like to hibernate, such as bears and other animals do, and come out of your den in a few weeks when everything might be back to normal?

That is how I feel today. The busy holiday season is upon us, and naturally it also seems to be time for my annual bout with a sinus “thing.” I’ve even decided to cancel going to my camer club’s first Chriistmas party today.

Then I was going through some photos I took this week and realized that this mourning dove seems to represent my feelings today — there she sits on a tree branch, puffed up in the cold, and looks like she would rather be somewhere else, curled up in a ball, hiding from the world!

DSC_0018 NK mourning dove


2 responses to “Hibernating

  1. So secure and peaceful on its perch

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