Forgotten Photos

A Splash of Autumn Color

I was going through some older photos from early in my experiences with the DSLR.  I had never used a 35 mm camera, only common shapshot cameras that came and went in popularity, including a Polaroid at one point.  And they were mostly for family snapshots.  So the DSLR was a complete learning curve, one I’m still working on.

Nice day for a walk, or maybe a short nap!

I came across a folder of photos taken at a local small pond.  It sits behind an American Legion Post in the nearby small city of Sherrill, New York.  It’s a favorite spot for migrating geese and ducks, and I’ve heard that there have even been swans and a blue heron in residence this past summer.

Mama Goose

I haven’t been there in a couple years to try to capture the birds with my camera, but these I found yesterday  archived on an external hard drive caught my attention.  Some of the birds were eager to be fed, and Mama Goose (named by the workers at the Legion) was so friendly, she would come too close for my lens to focus!

“Hey, listen up!”

Some seem comical as look back on the photos.  The above fellow seems to be issuing an order: “All in the pond!”

In the go!

And in they went!

“Oh, dear, they are all so noisy!”

This snow goose seems perturbed, “Don’t ruffle my feathers!

Rest and relaxation on the pond

I hope you enjoy my look back at these photos as much as I have enjoyed seeing them again!


9 responses to “Forgotten Photos

  1. You’ve come on so far and so quickly, Donna – the autumn leaves are beautiful. Nice to see the word “autumn” too! (-;

  2. Thanks for taking the time to comment, Steve! Autumn is such a pleasant word to say and read, more descriptive, I think.

  3. Thanks for the laugh!

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